Air Conditioning malfunctions can be spurred from issues ranging from loose hardware to burnt motors. No matter the problem,

Rick's HVAC experts can diagnose and fix it for good. To guarantee

excellent performance, we only use original manufactured

parts that were specifically designed for your unit.

Rick's knows comfortable air is important, but depending

on the problem, fixing an A/C unit can get pricey.

This is why we offer repair and replacement pricing options

ranging from good, better, and best- good being the most cost

effective solution for the short term and best being the

most effective long-term solution. We even offer financing

from the smallest repair to the largest replacements.

Ref Air & Evaporative Systems

Slab Leak Detection

Water Leaks

Home Maintenance Financing for Homeowners in New Mexico
$0 Down Financing for the Repairs You Need Now (with approved credit)
Home maintenance can put a strain on your budget, but putting off necessary repairs and needed upgrades can cost you even more in the end. Let us help solve your home repair headaches today with Rick’s financing.

Water Heaters

The average lifespan of an air conditioning system can be

between 8 and 15 years, depending on how well it’s

maintained and the conditions under which

it’s running.

Plumbing Inspections

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Everyone knows our

weather is tough on air conditioners, but did you know it’s even tougher on heaters? 

Drain Clogs

​​​There’s a lot going on with your HVAC system that contribute to the size of your energy bill and to the comfortability of the air in your home. Our nation’s leading experts on energy efficiency highly recommend hiring a service technician to check refrigerant levels, test for leaks and thermostat accuracy, oil motors and check belts for tightness and wear, and verify the electric control sequence of your system. These components go beyond the standard filter replacement any homeowner can do themselves, which is why Rick's has a multi-point inspection that prolongs the life of your unit, saves you money, and keeps you in control of the air in your home.

A quick call to Rick's will get any plumbing repair need diagnosed quickly and corrected to your satisfaction by our team of fully licensed plumbers. We even offer financing option so you can get your repairs done immediately.

Water Quality


Our wintertime temperatures can swing wildly from day to day – heck, even from hour to hour – causing starts and stops which equal excessive wear and tear on heating systems. And to make matters worse, many furnaces are natural gas-fueled, creating safety concerns as well. But we've got you covered. Our heating repair specialists diagnose and tackle any heating problem, large or small. Plus, we’ll thoroughly review your system to ensure it safely meets the heavy demands of winter use, and is ready for the off-season shutdown months, too.

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